Fire Fighting Pumps

FSIP’s fire pumps are driven by diesel engine or electric motor and provide reliable, high performing services in a variety of fire fighting applications. It increases efficiency and reduces water damage, and flooding risks, high-pressure water fogging fire fighting have become the safest choice when selecting a fire fighting system. Our high-pressure water haze system provides effective fire suppression along with better personnel protections and surroundings. FSIP’s fire fighting pumps are

  • Efficient in fire extinguishing with minimised water damage
  • Highly effective
  • Reliable
  • The best solution for fire suppression, protection and fighting
  • Resistant to rust

Portable Fire Extinguishers

This portable fire extinguisher is designed to use anywhere you want; it is mainly used to put out a small fire before it gets out of control. FSIP is recognised as the nation’s leader and most experienced supplier of portable fire extinguishers. We are famous for introducing the use of ABC technique for multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguishers. FSIP offers the extinguishers that are manufactured by using top-notch quality and trustworthy materials in the market today. These portable fire extinguishers are available in all sizes and ratings.

Foam Systems

FSIP’s fire suppression foam consists of three parts which are foam concentrate, air and water. We are known for mixing it accurately as these parts create a homogeneous foam blanket that puts off the flames by the combined mechanism of cooling, untying the flame source from the product surface, smothering and suppressing vapours. Due to our efficiency, FSIPs foam system is an effective option for safeguarding the flammable and combustible liquid. FSIP foam can be used on the robust fuel and the liquid fuel fires where it is important to have some in-depth coverage. These foam systems provide quick and effective coverage of the flammable liquid spill fires or some toxic liquid spills as well. Our foam system is effective both outdoors and indoors.

Sprinkler Systems and Accessories

FSIP has a wide range of essential fire sprinkler system, accessories and its spare parts which includes flow switches, orifice unions/ other fittings, orifice plates, sight glasses and other pre-fabricated pipe works etc. Our efficient accessories are known for their reliability and effective functionality in the area of its work.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are an important piece of any emergency response system and are used to preserve property and lives. FSIP fire hydrants are built, designed and tested to assure high performance, dependability and long life. We have a wide variety of dry and wet barrel designs that strictly meet the UL/FM requirements, some with the maximum working pressure of 350psi.

Our fire hydrants are

  • Reliable
  • Constructed strongly
  • High flow capacity
  • Protected by high-level corrosion and UV light

Fire Hoses

Designed for aggressive applications, FSIP fire hoses are engineered to exacting requirements and are approved to many international standards. Our fire hoses are easily identified in the fireplace because of its distinctive stripes. The outer jack is made up of 100% polyester woven yarn, and the inner liner is made of polyurethane. Our fire hose features good pressure resistance, anti-erosion, ant- wearance, quick water output and long service life. Apart from fire fighting purpose, it can also be used in the mining industry, transportation and agriculture etc.

Fire Hose Reels

FSIP’s hose reels are made of MS featuring a unique a ball valve shut off device and a plaited hose and spout. Our reels are made of 1.2mm pre-treated electroplated steel sheets, painted with electrostatic powder and oven baked at 200 C. We ensure our reels are protected with the polyester powder coating that fulfils the requirement of a salt spray test, which is specified in ISO 9227 for 240 hours.

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